Meet our team

Mind and Health offers evidence-based practices with an interdisciplinary team of doctors and accredited mental health professionals.

At Mind & Health, our dedicated team is committed to your well-being. With a foundation in evidence-based practices, our doctors and accredited psychological professionals collaborate to provide comprehensive solutions for mental health concerns. We understand that each individual is unique, and our holistic approach ensures you receive the personalized care you deserve to achieve mental wellness.

Dr. Floris Stylios

Psychiatrist / Psychotherapist - Head of the Service - Founder

Dr. Floris Stylios, MD, CCT, MPhil, PhDc, specializes in psychiatry and psychotherapy, researching neuroimaging of psychosis and functional disorders.

Dr. Ioanna Katsounari

Clinical Psychοlοgist

Dr. Ioanna Katsounari, a Registered Clinical Psychologist, holds extensive training in Clinical Psychology from the USA, specializing in trauma assessment and support.

Dr. Eleni Miltiadou

Clinical Psychοlοgist

Dr. Eleni Miltiadou, a Registered Clinical Psychologist, holds extensive training in Clinical Psychology from the USA and Cyprus, specializing in behavioral problems, psychopathic traits, and tailored psychological therapies.

Dr. Stavroula Argyridou

Clinical Dietitian & Nutritionist

Dr. Stavroula Argyridou, founder of MedInDiet and a Registered Clinical Dietitian-Nutritionist, offers tailored nutritional guidance, emphasizing informed decisions for a healthier lifestyle.

Constantina Christou

Psychologist & Psychotherapist

Constantina Christou, an experienced Psychologist-Psychotherapist, specializes in Integrative Psychotherapy, offering expert guidance for various mental health challenges.

Christos Xiouroupas is a Clinical Psychologist at Mind and Health

Christos Xiourouppas

Clinical Psychologist

Christos Xiourouppas, a licensed Clinical Psychologist in Cyprus, holds advanced degrees in Psychology, offering expert mental health support.

Christos Savvides

Clinical Psychologist

Christos Savvides, a dedicated clinical psychologist with a strong academic background and extensive community service, empowers individuals to overcome challenges and embrace well-being.

Athena Zavou

School Psychologist

Athena Zavou is an accredited School Psychologist with extensive training in educational psychology, offering assessments, counselling, and workshops.

Maria Yerolemou

Dance Movement Psychotherapist

Maria Yerolemou, a trained Dance Movement Psychotherapist, creates safe spaces for personal development and self-expression through movement therapy.

Eleni Petridou Bouriti

Art Psychotherapist

Eleni Petridou Bouriti, an experienced art psychotherapist, specializes in working with neurodegenerative diseases and neurodevelopmental disorders, promoting mental health awareness through art.

Christos Petrides

Occupational Therapist

Christos Petridis, a successful Occupational Therapist, emphasizes holistic, anthropocentric therapy, fostering autonomy and well-being. He’s experienced in mental health and champions accessibility.