Mind and Health: Your Haven for Mental Health Care

Welcome to our Mental Health Center, a haven where a varied, enthusiastic team of specialists is devoted to enhancing cognitive wellness and bolstering the human spirit. Our vision is deeply anchored in a unified dedication to unveiling the mind’s infinite potential and steering individuals on transformative paths toward all-encompassing well-being.

Working Hours

Caring for patients, six days of the week.

Monday-Friday 09:00 – 13:00 / 15:00 – 19:00
Saturday 09:00 – 13:00

Mental Health Professionals

At Mind and Health, our dedicated team is committed to your well-being. With a foundation in evidence-based practices, our doctors and accredited psychological professionals collaborate to provide comprehensive solutions for mental health concerns.

Dr. Floris Stylios

Founder & Psychiatrist

Dr. Ioanna Katsounari

Clinical Psychοlοgist

Dr. Eleni Miltiadou

Clinical Psychοlοgist

Dr. Stavroula Argyridou

Clinical Dietitian & Nutritionist


For many, the journey to mental harmony and clarity is illuminated by the beacon that is Mind and Health. Positioned at the heart of therapeutic evolution, we proudly offer:


Empowering individuals with proactive strategies, fostering resilience, and reducing potential mental health crises through early detection and educational workshops.


Immediate support for mental challenges, offering crisis management, short-term counselling, and connecting to specialized care for long-term wellness.


Deep insights into one's mental state using clinical sessions, psychometric testing, and feedback, guiding future therapeutic interventions.

Individual Psychotherapy

Personalized one-on-one sessions exploring personal challenges, setting therapeutic goals, and tracking progress for profound self-awareness and healing.

Your Journey to Mental Health Starts Here

At Mind and Health, our interdisciplinary team provides scientifically-backed psychotherapy, expert advice, and exemplary patient care in an inclusive environment.

Evidenced Based Psychotherapy

Ensuring that your mental wellness is grounded in scientifically proven methods.

Holistic Approaches

Emphasizing the interconnectedness of mental and physical health.

Mental Health Professionals

Our team is dedicated to your mental and emotional wellness.

Expert Advice

Seek our expert advice for practical and supportive mental health solutions.

Inclusive Environment

Providing a welcoming space for all individuals.

Patient Care

Devoted to providing exceptional patient care for every individual.