Christos Xiourouppas

Clinical Psychologist

Christos Xiourouppas, Registered Clinical Psychologist with license to practice in Cyprus. Graduated with an undergraduate degree (BA) in Psychology at the University of Cyprus, postgraduate degree (MSc) in Research Methods in Psychology at the University of Surrey and postgraduate degree (MSc) in Clinical Psychology at the University of Nicosia.


Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology is a specialized field within psychology that concentrates on the real-world use of psychological principles to address and remedy mental health challenges and disorders. This branch emphasizes the prevention, evaluation, diagnosis, and intervention of intricate human behaviors, problems, and conditions (APA, 2023).

Clinical psychology delves into the evaluation, diagnosis, and therapeutic treatment of mental ailments. Utilizing a diverse array of theories and methods, clinical psychologists guide individuals in comprehending and navigating their emotions, thoughts, and actions. These professionals cater to a broad spectrum of individuals, from children and teens to adults and the elderly. They can operate in both individual and group capacities, offering their expertise in various environments such as hospitals, clinics, educational institutions, and private practices.

Specialisation Benefits
  • Clinical psychologists offer evidence-based therapy to help individuals manage and overcome mental health challenges, such as anxiety and depression, leading to improved emotional well-being.
  • They provide assessment and diagnosis of psychological disorders, facilitating early intervention and appropriate treatment planning.
  • Clinical psychologists offer a safe and confidential space for individuals to discuss their concerns and develop coping strategies, leading to enhanced self-awareness and personal growth.
  • They work with clients to improve their relationships and interpersonal skills, promoting healthier connections and communication with others.