Athena Zavou

School Psychologist

Athena Zavou is a Licensed School/Educational Psychologist (Registration Number 897). She completed her undergraduate studies in Psychology and then pursued a three-year postgraduate program in School Psychology at the University of Cyprus. Her postgraduate degree is accredited by the International School Psychology Association (ISPA).

An integral part of her postgraduate studies was the supervised practical training of 1500 hours, at the Educational Psychology Service (EPS) of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, and Youth (MOEC).

During her practical training, she collaborated with schools of all levels (from pre-school to secondary education) to provide assessment, counselling, and intervention services to children, adolescents, parents, and educators.

Additionally, she had the opportunity to deliver various lectures and workshops. Her postgraduate thesis focuses on the development of socio-emotional skills as factors that contribute to resilience in war-affected adolescents.

At the centre, she offers assessment services in various domains (e.g., cognitive, learning, socio-emotional etc.), individual psychological intervention, counselling support, and guidance for parents. Moreover, she conducts prevention programs, psychoeducation seminars, and workshops on various themes.


School Psychology: The role of a School Psychologist

The daily life of a child, as well as that of every adult, is often filled with many challenges. The introduction of a new family member, the first day of school, moving to a different city, a divorce, a sudden illness, and so on, are some situations that may impact a child’s well-being, both academically and within the family context.

A School Psychologist is a mental health expert who specializes in delivering services to children, teenagers, parents, and educators. Their primary objective is to tackle challenges that emerge across cognitive, behavioural, emotional, and social aspects, with the aim of fostering psychological resilience. Equipped with suitable training, they prioritize the well-being and rights of the child, striving for optimal development, enhancing life skills, and nurturing meaningful relationships with those around them.

The role of a School Psychologist is multidimensional and is not limited solely to psycho-diagnostic assessment. More specifically, a School Psychologist collaborates with parents, the school, and other professionals to improve the child’s learning trajectory, strengthen their emotional and social development, and create a safe and supportive environment that fosters the child’s flourishing and fulfilment .

To achieve these goals, a School Psychologist provides counselling and guidance services to parents and educators, identifies the child’s strengths and weaknesses in various areas of development, designs and implements intervention plans, conducts prevention and intervention programs on a group level, and provides psycho-educational support.